The Arenosa Diaspora!

In a super-exciting collaboration between the Yant and Bomblies labs, we are performing an enormous A. arenosa range-wide population resequencing project aimed at providing a comprehensive view of between- and within-population genomic dynamics in this diverse, wild outcrosser.

We are currently completing the first 300 genomes sequenced at 20x for a high-resolution view of these populations that have adapted to a wide range of conditions..


An added bonus is that some of these plants are from very near Dracula's castle in Romania, giving this project an evil-cool air.


Key collaborators include:

Brian Arnold (Harvard)

Jeff DaCosta (Harvard)

Gabriela Fuxová (Prague)

Magdalena Holcová (Prague)

Filip Kolář (Prague)

Sarah Marburger (JIC)

Christian Sailer (JIC)

Roswitha Schmickl (Prague)