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We have recently been awarded a 5 year ERC Starting Grant and therefore will be growing rapidly in 2016. If you have a passion for adaptation and evolutionary genetics, feel free to get in touch to discuss project ideas.


We offer a unique interdisciplinary environment with tremendous institutional support, with the JIC directly adjacent to The Sainsbury lab, The Genome Analysis Centre (TGAC), and The University of East Anglia. The Yant lab has ongoing collaborations with these and other UK and European groups offering broad exposure and professional development.

The project aims to determine the genetic basis and evolutionary repeatability of adaptation to whole genome duplication (WGD). It is built around a single testable hypothesis: The pattern of WGD adaptation we discovered in Arabidopsis arenosa is repeated in other species, but underlying mechanisms are diverse (Yant et al. 2013, Yant and Bomblies 2015). The project has 3 main aims:

1) Generation of quality reference genome assemblies for wild outcrossing plants and fish with small genomes and extant intraspecific ploidy variation.

2) Ultra-high density, phenotype-driven genome scanning of many species containing independent WGDs by resequencing thousands of individuals to detect selective sweep.

3) In-depth functional analysis of discovered alternate alleles and downstream analysis.

Applicants with evolutionary genetic, computational, or molecular interests are encouraged to apply. We encourage candidates with initiative, strong analytical skills, and a drive to push forward on new problems in evolutionary genomics. Successful candidates will perform independent, novel analyses and will have demonstrated clear innovation during or following their PhD.

We provide many opportunities for collaboration, ranging from developing coalescent theory to genome assembly and analysis, to cytological analysis of meiosis with world class technology and expertise on site. Informal enquiries may be made to Levi Yant at